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  • HONDA CIVIC: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 5,000THB
    The most occupied car Honda Civic with super save roundtrip transfer price.
  • TOYOTA CAMRY: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin . ONLY 6,000THB
    Japanese luxury sedan for traveling in luxury and style with safety and comfort needed.
  • TOYOTA FORTUNER: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 6,500THB
    This impressive SUV is the perfect combination of comfort room and plenty of luggage space.
  • TOYOTA VENTURY: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 7,000THB
    Most comfortable and efficient way to transport by executive van is the perfect choice.
  • VOLVO V70: Roundtrip Transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 7,500THB
    Take luxurious ride with executive station car is the perfect way to pamper yourself.
About Huahin Taxi

Whether you want a transfer from the airport to your hotel, or whether you require in resort transportation for your bespoke itineraries, the groupsteam Hua Hin Vacation have the experience and detailed knowledge required to cater for your every need with Deluxe offers executive taxis, Limousine taxis at regular prices to all visitors from Bangkok to anywhere in Thailand.

Based in Hua Hin , Huahin taxi service covers all anywhere around Thailand but let’s be a little more specific. We serve in all comfort to Bangkok hotel and residence, ChaAm, HuaHin, Pranburi Pattaya,Chumporn,Koh Samui,Koh Chang,Krabi,Phuket,Kanchanaburi,Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya or anywhere that we have miss out with our executive taxis including Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Chevrolet, Volvo, Mercedes, Coach .

 Our service are safe ,economical and friendly all driven by our experienced team of drivers, will smoothly and efficiently escort you to your destination, in a manner that will leave you feeling relaxed , safe and secure we assure you.
Hua Hin taxi has evolved from Professional service fulfilling the needs of visitor world-wide.   Hua Hin Taxi is founded upon 4 years of thousands customers service experience . We have been offering our unique and personalized type of service and are now in our 5th year of operation.
You are assured of a pleasant ride and courtesy deserved from professional team.

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