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  • HONDA CIVIC: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 5,000THB
    The most occupied car Honda Civic with super save roundtrip transfer price.
  • TOYOTA CAMRY: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin . ONLY 6,000THB
    Japanese luxury sedan for traveling in luxury and style with safety and comfort needed.
  • TOYOTA FORTUNER: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 6,500THB
    This impressive SUV is the perfect combination of comfort room and plenty of luggage space.
  • TOYOTA VENTURY: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 7,000THB
    Most comfortable and efficient way to transport by executive van is the perfect choice.
  • VOLVO V70: Roundtrip Transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 7,500THB
    Take luxurious ride with executive station car is the perfect way to pamper yourself.
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Local Services: Hua Hin tourism and travel information


HUA HIN is one of the greatest cities in THAILAND. You can go just about anywhere in HUA HIN and many places for a day or a week to remember. Try following our suggested \'RECOMMENDATION\' to get the most out of your trips.  HUA HININFORMATION.COM  is a online travel service that organizes all your travel plans into one master online booking. Get your hotel and day trip and vacation activities in Hua Hin with everything you need for your trip.

Facts and Information about Tourist information and travel guide to Hua Hin Thailand , Events, tours, restaurants, hotels, theatres and the latest on goings in the capital for your vacation.
What\'s New in Hua Hin

Keep up with the latest in Hua Hin with our pick of what\'s new in the city from restaurant openings to shops launches, brilliant bars to cool cafes

Hua Hin Town Competitions

Win tickets, enter prize draws and put your name in the hat for a free pass to some of Hua Hin\'s exciting events, it\'s all gratis.

Best Hua Hin Hotel Bars

Hua Hin has some of the best hotel bars in Thailand - and the good thing is that you don\'t always have to be a hotel resident to enjoy.

Outdoor eating and drinking in Hua Hin

With October well and truly here why not check our guide to the best beer gardens.

New Hotels in Hua Hin

Good news if you\'re planning a trip to Hua Hin - there\'s a glut of glitzy new hotels opening up all over the capital, from the out site to the heart 

Hua Hin Hotel Resort & Spas

If you want to get away from it all, a hotel spa is the best way to escape the city without actually leaving it.

Top Ten Boutique Hotels in Hua Hin

The Hua Hin hotel scene has been transformed over the last decade and interior designers create their take on luxury living for the 21st century.

Hua Hin  Calendar 2010

Find out what\'s going in Hua Hin in 2010 with our comprehensive guide to the best entertainment in the city for the year ahead.

Hua Hin  Main Attractions

Make sure you visit the best the capital has to offer with our guide to the most popular sights in town, including the Pala U Waterfall, King Palace and the Train Station.

Activities in Hua Hin

Explore the city\'s many activities - from Horse riding to Kite surfing, Golf and Kick boxing (Muaythai) and turn your good intentions into actions.

Hua Hin  Markets

Whatever the time of day or year, Hua Hin’s streets are dotted with a diverse, colourful array of outdoor stalls. Find out about the best including Hua Hin Night Market, Chatchai Market and Damnernkasem Road.

Hua Hin Palaces

From palaces of the past to palaces of the present, explore Thailand\'s royal history with a visit to Marukatayawan Palac , Phanakorn Keeree Palace and Klaikangwon Palace.

Hua Hin Luxury Hotels

Hua Hin have many of the finest luxury hotels in Thailand. Let  be your guide to the most indulgent, exclusive places in town.

Hua Hin Information Centre

Our Hua Hin Information  provides face-to-face information services daily from 10am until 6pm, including expert local knowledge and hotel bookings.

Hua Hin Sightseeing.

Browse your trip in Hua  Hin Vacation tours up to 20 attractions with a Hua Hin Sightseeing . Available at 10% discount from  you can see all the major sights.

HUA HIN Survival Guide

Enjoy a stress-free trip with our essential guide to Hua Hin, providing comprehensive coverage of the emergency services, communications, transport, weather and much more.

Hua Hin to Airports

From private transfers and car journeys to taxis and trains, get the low-down on the best ways of getting into and from Bangkok & Hua Hin,

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