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Term & Conditions

HuaHin Taxi Term and Conditions

Reservation and confirmation

In an emergency case,  you can call our customer service in 24 Hrs. to make a reservation which must  be proceeded in advance at least 3 business days. Nevertheless, the reservation  confirmation is based on number of available limousines; additionally, the payment  must be made in full price, by which the process
must be completed before the  travel date or the date specified. If the deposit is not made, it possibly  causes cancellation

Luggage size

Big luggage = 28" x  20" x 12" (including the wheels and the handles)
Hand Luggage = 22" x 14" x 9" (including the wheels and the handles)


You may modify the details of travel date, and the  meeting point. Nonetheless, it is to be aware of whether the limousine is  available to serve you or not; in addition, you should concern the cancellation  topic if you expect to cancel the service.


The reservation cancellation, after the confirmation and  the payment are completed, we shall calculate no fees for the cancellation  informed in advance, prior 3 travel days. Nonetheless, for the late  notification, there will be 10% deduction fee from the total; the deduction of  50% will be calculated if
- Peak season The cancellation is informed less than 3 Days prior the travel.
- High season The cancellation is informed less than 2 Days prior the travel.
- Low season The cancellation is informed less than  1 days prior the travel.

Traveling Seasons

- Peak season is between December 20th and January 10th and holidays / celebration days of all year long.
- High season is from January 11th to April 30th
- Low season starts from May1st to December 19th
Urgent reservation condition (3 days or less, prior reservation)
In case of urgent reservation (less than 3 days), we reserve our rights to fine you in full amount of money if there are any changes in any important details or in case of reservation cancellation. The payment via credit cards is to be charged 5% extra from the total. If the passengers do not appear or late show up more than 2 hours from the  appointed time, we do not reimburse you for the reservation money.

Accident or Force Majeure

In case of accidents, broken down limousines, or any  force majeure, which are not predictable or controllable,
we will provide you  the same/ closet type of vehicle to continue the travel without extra costs. If  the customer does not satisfy the representative vehicle, we are please to pay  the customer back in full amount of money.  For the customer who chooses travel  insurance, the insurance company will be responsible for the missed flight


Additional time and Extra distance

Our company will not calculate for the waiting time in  any places other than the airport, which is not over 15 minutes. If the waiting  period exceeds 15 minutes from the appointed time, the customer will be charged  in hourly.

Over time/ kilometer charged rate Minivan Limousine
1 hours/ 25 kilometers Veto Limovan Commuter Volvo Camry Fortuner Altis
 2,500 2,800 2,000 2,000 1,500 1,300 1,000

Payment method

For your convenience, there are 3 methods to make your  payment. After the full payment is rendered, it is to be  considered as the  reservation conformation is complete. Then, we will issue you the evidence of  booking confirmation together with details of the chauffeur.

1. Pay by cash

We merely accept cash in Thai Baht directly when the  payment is made in our office or our driver

2.  Bank Transfer & Deposit Payment

we accept the payment with the transference method;  please call our agent at 086-375-6972 to be informed about the account number.  within 24 hours, our staff will contact you to inform your completeness of the  payment.

Please make the payment as it is specified concerning the purchase  order, mail order, or confirm with a staff of our customer service

All bank surcharges and fees relating to such payment are  in your own responsibility, no deduction form
the total payment After the payment is completed, it is essential to affirm  us as soon as possible by ( Scanning and mailing ,Faxing : 66(0)32 520704 or Calling our reservation support 66(0)863756972

Informing us the transference via the contact form, on our website. The information must be accurate  and elucidated by clarifying the total of transferred money, time of  transference, your name, contact number, and other useful information

3. Credit Card Payments on Internet

3.1 Credit Card Utilized to Make Payments on  Internet
We, Huahin Taxi, accept payments on internet or online  payments with VISA card or MasterCard only

3.2  Payments with the VISA card and Master Card

VISA card and Master Card issued in Thailand
we accept the payments from the card of yours which is  activated and passed the security system for the online
utilization, which is  so called Verified by VISA (VbV)only or MasterCard Secure Code (MCSC) only. Presently, there are Thai leading  financial institutions or banks supporting such service:

VISA cards issued outside of Thailand
If your card is issued  by any non Thai financial institutions, we accept the payments from the card of  yours which
is activated and passed the security system for the online  utilization, which is so called Verified by VISA (VbV) only or MasterCard Secure Code (MCSC) only. Hence, please  contact your card issuer directly to acknowledge more details.

3.3 Payment Cancellation
Even though your payment is operated, concerning the  inaccurate payment under 3.2 a we reserve our rights to deny and cancel  such payment. Regarding the cancellation, we will inform you via your e-mail  address or any contacts you specified. Such cancellation may cause your  order(s) of the products and/or services to be incomplete

3.4 Return Payment
Due to the cancellation under 3.3, the full amount of  money you paid will be return to your card within 5-20 business days (based on  the policies of your card issuer). Please, note that such cancellation will be  rendered without the fee deduction. If you expects us to supply your needs  concerning the order(s) of products and/or services, we suggest you to contact  our sales agents as soon as possible to assist you.

3.5 Enforcement, Modification, and Requirement
It is to be understood that the online payment terms and  conditions are applied to all products and services which their payments are  made with the credit card; furthermore, it is to be considered that the  customer or service utilizer, who pays with such method, agrees to all terms  and conditions. Moreover, the customer waives to file a complaint or charge us  for any compensation, which might happen based on the possibility of  cancellation on the order(s) of products and/or services, when the payment is  made inaccurately and/or not following the payment terms and conditions as  clarified

If you have any inquiries regarding the credit online  payment terms and conditions, please contact 086-375-6972 or email
We reserve our rights to modify, amend,  or cancel the credit card online payment terms and conditions without prior notice.


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