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  • HONDA CIVIC: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 5,000THB
    The most occupied car Honda Civic with super save roundtrip transfer price.
  • TOYOTA CAMRY: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin . ONLY 6,000THB
    Japanese luxury sedan for traveling in luxury and style with safety and comfort needed.
  • TOYOTA FORTUNER: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 6,500THB
    This impressive SUV is the perfect combination of comfort room and plenty of luggage space.
  • TOYOTA VENTURY: Roundtrip Transfer Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 7,000THB
    Most comfortable and efficient way to transport by executive van is the perfect choice.
  • VOLVO V70: Roundtrip Transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin ONLY 7,500THB
    Take luxurious ride with executive station car is the perfect way to pamper yourself.
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Travel Agent and Wholesales

Let's Hua  Hin Vacation Tours  to provide the best possible vehicles and services
HVT is able to provide the best possible vehicles and services to help people working in the tourist industry business by enabling them to take important clients safely and comfortably to some of Thailand’s most exciting and beautiful destinations. With HVT you can feel confident that your important clients will enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction  wherever you take them.

We offer an array of corporate services ,serving in most visiting of Thailand destination such as Bangkok Suvanabhumi Airport , Bangkok  Metropolitan, Hua Hin , Pattaya and more, we will take you anywhere your clientele would like to go. with Corporate Sedans, corporate SUV's, Minivan, and Large coach available for large group transfers we can handle any kind of function or transportation needs.

 is licensed and properly insured. We currently have 5 Million Baht insurance on each vehicle. Our Travel License Authority number is 13/01433.If you are looking at another limo company and they don't have one of these numbers for your state, that limo company is illegal! Don't have your day ruined by police and a vehicle being impounded while you are inside!

We also are one of the few limousine companies in Hua Hin that do have the proper Livery uniform on our driver  that make our customer can recognize we are Hua Hin Vacation not unknown driver.

So ride in style and at ease come and be a part of our journey with Hua Hin Vacation Tours!  .....

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